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Cocotinos Manado
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Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado

Boutique Dive Resort, Rich and Astounding Wall and Macro Scuba Diving


Cocotinos was designed to be simple and practical along the lines of a small Indonesian village but equipped with all the modern comforts for the present-day traveller. Cocotinos is a 22-room property comprising of 2 Standard Rooms, 6 Garden Rooms with garden view, 4 Garden Rooms with full pool and ocean view, 8 Water’s Edge Rooms and 2 Suites (Kano-Kano and Posi-Posi).

The rooms are generally built in a semi-detached arrangement with two rooms under one roof. Each Suite is built on top of 2 Water’s Edge Rooms.