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Cocotinos Manado
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Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado

Boutique Dive Resort, Rich and Astounding Wall and Macro Scuba Diving


Cocotinos Manado is located in the village of Kima Bajo in the regency of Minahasa Utara. As we are the closest beach resort to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, Cocotinos provides the most convenient access point  to the many dive sites in the Bunaken Marine Park that consists of the islands of Bunaken, Siladen, Nain, Montehage and Manado Tua.

Distance from Cocotinos to Places of Interests

  • 25 Mins to Sam Ratulangi International Airport
  • 45 Mins to North End of Manado Town (Molas/Tuminting)
  • 60 Mins to Mega Mall/Boulevard Area
  • 70 Mins to Hypermart/Kalasey Area
  • 90 Mins to Bitung 

Distance from Cocotinos to Dive Sites

  • 20 Mins to Siladen Island
  • 25 Mins to North End of Bunaken Island
  • 45 Mins to South End of Bunaken Island
  • 55 Mins to Manado Tua Island
  • 60 Mins to the Famous Tanjong Kopi Dive Site