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Cocotinos Manado
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Boutique Dive Resort, Rich and Astounding Wall and Macro Scuba Diving

Laleina Spa

The Laleina Spa  is an in-house spa that  features  treatment programmes which have been specially developed  for our resort Read more.




Body Massage

60 Mins

IDR. 437,000,-

Body Scrub

60 Mins

IDR. 437,000,-

Body Mask

60 Mins

IDR. 495,500,-

Body Soak

30 Mins

IDR. 220,000,-

Foot Massage

60 Mins

IDR. 385,500,-

Head and Shoulder Massage 30 Mins IDR. 220,000,-
Ear Candling 30 Mins IDR. 220,000,-
UTPIA (Body Relaxing) 150 Mins IDR. 1,035,000,-
OCEANUS (Body Rejuvenating) 150 Mins IDR. 1,090,500,-
HELEINA (After Sun Exposure) 90 Mins IDR. 675,500,-
OLYMPIA (Sport) 120 Mins IDR. 780,500,-