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Cocotinos Manado
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Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado Cocotinos Manado

Boutique Dive Resort, Rich and Astounding Wall and Macro Scuba Diving

Guest Reviews

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Gert Winjngaarden from Holland
The family Van Wijngaarden from Holland had a great time because of the beautiful resort, the great divings, the great and professional diving staff, the wonderful service and spa. But most of all the warm & friendly staff and people from Kima Bajo.

De groetjes van Poes Pielie


Christopher Loh Mun Ngai from Singapore

It has been a fantastic experience with the cocotinos' staff, they've been extremely hospitable & friendly.


Dominic Say from Singapore

Thank you Cocotinos staff.

 A wonderful experience with excellent service.

Will definitely recommend this place to others.

 All the best!




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