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We have often often been asked what The Laleina Spa was named after?

“La Leina” simply means “The Sea” in the language of the Tombulu people, one of the indigenous groups living in the Minahasa Highlands of North Sulawesi. The tree under which the spa is  built is the Hibiscus tiliaceus, a lush tree that is commonly  found along the coastal areas of Indonesian archipelago. So, Laleina Spa simply means “The Sea Spa”, a name befitting its location, and which sets the tone for  a wonderful and relaxing experience.

Year round, you will find the tree’s abundant yellow and orange flowers strewn on the grounds as you enter the spa. An intimate lounge behind a rustic bamboo screen is where our friendly therapists will put you at ease and  help you choose a treatment that suits your needs. You will be led under a knotted bough of the 50-year-old tree to one of the treatment rooms, the enclosed “Bunga Raya” (Indonesian for Hibiscus) or the open-air gazebo “Para Para”, which means “platform” in the Manado language.

What can be more inviting after a  thrilling day at sea, diving and  snorkeling under the tropical sun, than a relaxing massage in the hands of one of our experienced therapists?

Close your eyes…. and feel your tension melt away, to the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore.

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